Fall in love

In a single touch,

Near or far

This love is never too much.

Shed the grime

Vacuum the dust,

This connection

will never rust.

Its not just

the two of us,

External forces will always fuss.

But together we

are deeply entwined,

Which has made us one

unbreakable mind.

10 years down

a line called time,

Our love keeps growing

like ageing wine.

Memories to cherish

Some to forget,

Here’s to the future

many more to be met.



Insight 11

The intellectual fool – One who is burdened by analysing every trivial emotion, over-analysing life instead of living it. The cursed one, for he is unable to experience bliss in its most simple and humbling form. ©Aanjeli

Insight 10

~ Every mind enters the phase of an existential crisis at some point… It is the clarity of having to look beyond what is, that aids the answers ~ ©Aanjeli


Wisdom is something you are born with. It’s also something you learn with time. But most importantly wisdom is gained. Why do I say you are born with it? It is because you awaken the wisdom that is already within you. Why is it something you learn with time? Cos experience acts as the catalyst which awakens you. But why did I say most importantly it is gained? Because once true wisdom is collected you cannot possibly lose it. You may lose sight of it at times, but the minute you decide to slow down and take a minute for yourself, there it will be inside of you, placed softly like a beautiful pearl in an oyster.



Aanjeli ©

The Scale of Persistance

I say gravity doesn’t exist. I’m saying we are not attracted to earth by its mass, but instead by it’s polarity. We function by a balance between the polarity of substance. Energy is exchanged as a result of movement towards or away from it. Think about it, everything has a polarity. Time and space don’t ‘cos they exist in a non existent dimension called perception. Think of energy and mass on the other hand. Energy is either stored or transferred.  Even mass, in all its solidarity and glory ultimately becomes energy by whichever time scale it decides to function along with. For example my body will one day degrade releasing energy, which may get taken up by some other source. The only difference is the time scale it works on in the transfer of this energy. Forget that for a moment, lets focus on the fact that nothing ever really comes into contact. Even at the closest point between two objects there will always be a fraction of a fraction that doesn’t fully allow mass to come into contact with each other. So in conclusion everything floats. Which in turn means balance is maintained by the polarity between objects. My point is, everything is energy, and interaction between particles follow a basic principle of polarity. So you see eventually we all float. The universe, call it the multiverse, name it what ever you please, all this floats. We are trapped within the limits of our perception, but energy exists even in places not perceived by us. After-all we have just five senses to try to understand the unknown. But I believe this energy drives polarity and creates interaction. We in turn hold on to interaction, and persist in existence. Even when we apparently die, we are held onto the interactions we’ve made. So it should continue. Along a scale called time, you say? Seems a little silly to call the scale of persistence time, don’t you think. I think it needs a new word.

Insight 9

~ Values Morals Culture are tools created simply for the untamed mind. A tamed one, needs none, for it exists in a time continuum of balance ~ ©Aanjeli

Turning 25

Strong. That is what she is. A potent, powerful personality. One would expect her to be much admired in society, but it remains otherwise for the most part. For most people fail to appreciate or even notice the woman who makes things happen. Wonderful things.

A do-er. She doesn’t believe in giving up. And once achieved, she doesn’t acknowledge it. Which is where the kink to her invisibility lies. Oh but its amusing how the poor minded notice her minor short comings or misinterpret her generosity as having underlying objectives. Being careful and thrifty is labeled stingy, for they are familiar with the concept of not wasting only if it fills up their pockets. The idea of not wasting a single grain of rice on your plate because you are thankful to the farmers who bled sweat to protect the crop is foreign and unheard of.

Strong. That is what she is. It takes courage to do the right thing, even if it makes you unpopular. To speak your mind is courageous, but to tame your tongue is most virtuous. I am turning 25 and nothing in this world is more humbling than being grateful for the wisdom she has given me. My mother.


Insight 8

~Never will the old be wise if their childhood innocence is lost ~ ©Aanjeli


Can I tell you something?
Something strange.
When I walk on the street sometimes
I suddenly feel like the way people are
looks like they’ve been planted there.
On purpose.
And then I know that’s my Crazy talking.
I also know it happens
‘cos I know how Crazy works
Which is why I let my own thoughts scare me
even for a second.

Then I simply avert my thoughts.

I know just ‘cos I have a random thought
it shouldn’t define my entire personality.
I know the greatest of us
will have a little bit of Crazy within us.
And there lies the problem
within calling it Crazy itself.
It should be called otherwise.
Unique? Special?

People have mucked up
and misused words so much
that sometimes when the appropriate word is missing,
wrong wordplay end up causing collateral damage.
i.e. the insecurity we get of our own thoughts.

No. Don’t let a vocabulary label you.
I want you to be confidant about who you are.
In the meantime
tell the family history of Crazy genetics
the abusive piano teacher
the inappropriate father figure
and the sniffy social standards,
to sod off.



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