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Insight 11

The intellectual fool – One who is burdened by analysing every trivial emotion, over-analysing life instead of living it. The cursed one, for he is unable to experience bliss in its most simple and humbling form. ©Aanjeli


Insight 10

~ Every mind enters the phase of an existential crisis at some point… It is the clarity of having to look beyond what is, that aids the answers ~ ©Aanjeli

Insight 9

~ Values Morals Culture are tools created simply for the untamed mind. A tamed one, needs none, for it exists in a time continuum of balance ~ ©Aanjeli

Insight 8

~Never will the old be wise if their childhood innocence is lost ~ ©Aanjeli

Insight 7

~ Every time we fight you develop a keloid ~ ©Aanjeli

Insight 6

~Hopes and Memories are both thoughts created within the mind. The future traps hope while the past traps memories. The present is the only time to free thoughts into action ~ ©Aanjeli

Insight 5

~ The human brain needs to be tickled ever so often ~ ©Aanjeli

Insight 4

~ Please don’t litter yourself, Or what is around you. Please ~ ©Aanjeli

Insight 3

~The universe doesn’t speak for itself. We do ~ ©Aanjeli

Insight 2

~ One day I’m going to hold you by the neck and squeeze it until you understand how you made me feel – breathless ~ ©Aanjeli


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