Can I tell you something?
Something strange.
When I walk on the street,
I feel like people have been planted there.
On purpose. Like props in a play.
I know that’s my Crazy talking.
I know it’s the crazy
‘cos I know how Crazy works.
So I let my own thoughts scare me
for a second.

Then I simply avert my thoughts.

I know just ‘cos I have a random thought
it shouldn’t define my entire personality.
I know the greatest of us
have a little bit of Crazy within us.
But there lies the problem
in calling it Crazy itself.
It should be called otherwise.
Unique? Special?

People have mucked up and misused words so much
that sometimes when the appropriate word is missing,
wrong wordplay end up causing collateral damage.
“The insecurity we get of our own thoughts”

No. Don’t let a vocabulary label you.
Be confidant about who you are.
In the meantime
tell the family history of Crazy genetics
the abusive piano teacher
the inappropriate father figure
and the sniffy social standards,
to sod off.




~ Every time we fight you develop a keloid ~ ©Aanjeli

Mindful Prison

~Hopes and Memories are both thoughts created within the mind. The future traps hope while the past traps memories. The present is the only time to free thoughts into action ~ ©Aanjeli


If I die young
If I die old
If I die during your time,
Place me not in a coffin
But on clean white cotton,
And bury me before the next
Call upon my family
And call my friends
Remind them they are mine no more
For I no longer am.
The memory you hold on to,
A creation, an illusion,
May it be of times of love.
For happiness is the greatest
achievement I could leave with
Before it is your time too.


Brain Giggle

~ The human brain needs to be tickled ever so often ~ ©Aanjeli

Personality Cleanse

~ Please don’t litter yourself, Or what is around you. Please ~ ©Aanjeli

The Origin

~The universe doesn’t speak for itself. We do ~ ©Aanjeli


~ One day I’m going to hold you by the neck and squeeze it until you understand how you made me feel – breathless ~ ©Aanjeli


My chest is burning up.
I feel like I’ve inhaled a couple of extra organs which are crowding up my thorax.
I am struggling to breathe.

My neck is warm and flush.
A drop of sweat leaves my body
as I lean over to let more blood rush into my brain.
Yet my head continues to spin.
Loss of control

I try harder to take a deep breath.
My lungs expand
accommodating the hot air that surrounds me.
I am supposed to feel better, instead I feel nothing.

I lay down, and close my eyes.

Hours pass by.
The chaos within me begins to slow down.
I feel a strange sense of weightlessness.
Muscles relax.
Air flows in with ease.
Lips curl up in joy.



~ Your heart is the size of your fist, but your brain is the size of the Universe ~ ©Aanjeli


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