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Can I tell you something?
Something strange.
When I walk on the street sometimes
I suddenly feel like the way people are
looks like they’ve been planted there.
On purpose.
And then I know that’s my Crazy talking.
I also know it happens
‘cos I know how Crazy works
Which is why I let my own thoughts scare me
even for a second.

Then I simply avert my thoughts.

I know just ‘cos I have a random thought
it shouldn’t define my entire personality.
I know the greatest of us
will have a little bit of Crazy within us.
And there lies the problem
within calling it Crazy itself.
It should be called otherwise.
Unique? Special?

People have mucked up
and misused words so much
that sometimes when the appropriate word is missing,
wrong wordplay end up causing collateral damage.
i.e. the insecurity we get of our own thoughts.

No. Don’t let a vocabulary label you.
I want you to be confidant about who you are.
In the meantime
tell the family history of Crazy genetics
the abusive piano teacher
the inappropriate father figure
and the sniffy social standards,
to sod off.




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