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Deep Concentration

Understand the essential connection between concentration and energy: Deep concentration is a matter of increasing or directing your life-force, your conscious cosmic energy. The more you have of this kind of energy, the better. Scattered energy doesn’t help. It must be calm focused energy. Learn to be calmly concentrated and be concentratedly calm. 




~ Every mind enters the phase of an existential crisis at some point… It is the clarity of having to look beyond what is, that aids the answers ~ ©Aanjeli


Wisdom is something you are born with. It’s also something you learn with time. But most importantly wisdom is gained. Why do I say you are born with it? It is because you awaken the wisdom that is already within you. Why is it something you learn with time? Cos experience acts as the catalyst which awakens you. But why did I say most importantly it is gained? Because once true wisdom is collected you cannot possibly lose it. You may lose sight of it at times, but the minute you decide to slow down and take a minute for yourself, there it will be inside of you, placed softly like a beautiful pearl in an oyster.


Untamed Mind

~ Values Morals Culture are tools created simply for the untamed mind. A tamed one, needs none, for it exists in a time continuum of balance ~ ©Aanjeli


Can I tell you something?
Something strange.
When I walk on the street,
I feel like people have been planted there.
On purpose. Like props in a play.
I know that’s my Crazy talking.
I know it’s the crazy
‘cos I know how Crazy works.
So I let my own thoughts scare me
for a second.

Then I simply avert my thoughts.

I know just ‘cos I have a random thought
it shouldn’t define my entire personality.
I know the greatest of us
have a little bit of Crazy within us.
But there lies the problem
in calling it Crazy itself.
It should be called otherwise.
Unique? Special?

People have mucked up and misused words so much
that sometimes when the appropriate word is missing,
wrong wordplay end up causing collateral damage.
“The insecurity we get of our own thoughts”

No. Don’t let a vocabulary label you.
Be confidant about who you are.
In the meantime
tell the family history of Crazy genetics
the abusive piano teacher
the inappropriate father figure
and the sniffy social standards,
to sod off.


Mindful Prison

~Hopes and Memories are both thoughts created within the mind. The future traps hope while the past traps memories. The present is the only time to free thoughts into action ~ ©Aanjeli

Brain Giggle

~ The human brain needs to be tickled ever so often ~ ©Aanjeli

The Origin

~The universe doesn’t speak for itself. We do ~ ©Aanjeli

Skin Deep

To feel the pain of a pin prick, or feel the pain of sorrow. To feel the pressure on your body in an over crowded bus, or feel pressured down by stress. To feel cold-rain drops trickle down your face, or feel cold, yet human with envy. To let yourself feel someone’s touch, or be touched by simple happiness.  To feel the warmth of the blazing sun, or the warmth of gratitude…

Did it ever cross your mind, that our emotions are so closely related to the exact sensory modalities felt on our skin. To feel skin deep with a phantom limb or accept the paralysed one.


Manushya – The Human

“Manushya” in Sanskrit refers to Human. “Manas” – which means Mind, “Iisha” – meaning master. A master of the mind. All living beings have four basic survival needs: Hunger, Rest, Protection, and Reproduction. Both man and animal share this in common. Additionally the human race has evolved to express “civility” – Kindness. Compassion. Consideration. Respect. Politeness. He can also express the opposite. All of which corresponds to the “worldly” aspect of survival.

What distinguishes Manushya or human from the rest of the animal kingdom? His ability to cultivate the Mind. One who spends his entire life responding to his survival needs, is animal. Where do you stand?



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