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“Music has the intensity and vigour to draw one’s attention and leave them content”
That would be the music you like, for music also has the ability to bore you if you aren’t fond of a particular composition. But each individual is satisfied by the music of their choice. This is what makes music intriguing.

Some appreciate lyrics while others prefer melody over words. After all music is a form of art consisting of sound and silence expressed through time. Yet for some others music is also the art of voice and words that decorate the sound of instruments.What lingers within you is a memory of the moments created when you listen to your favourite tune. It takes over the trail of feelings within you thus acquiring inimitable copyrights.

Strange isn’t it? The authority music holds in human life. They say dolphins sing to each other, and larks and penguins too. Makes you wonder how far music can draw out as it unfolds itself to the beginning of time when the universe inherited rhythm. One might consider music as magic. A wizard without a wand.

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