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Example 10101010

In the digital world, muttering 10101010 would have immediately led to conducting a precisely formatted command, and I’d be pleased to find out what it maybe, purely to satisfy my curiosity. But what intrigues me most, is how we have evolved to use everything around us as a tool kit to obtain the things that we want.

Want, is a verb we heedlessly use everyday and think about almost all the time. Every thought created by you, conscious and subconscious, ultimately points towards what you want. “Want” being the state of wishing for something that is absent or unavailable. Whether it is wanting one pair of converse shoes for your daily use or five different pairs for the same purpose or simply having the need for cereal and milk to alleviate the hunger pangs that distract you in the morning after a good night’s sleep, we function to meet these demands.

But why have we rationed out two different meanings, want and need, to the same action? Is it because need is a subset of want, or retrospectively speaking is want an exaggerated expression of need? The semantic relation between the two words are so intimate that we associate them as synonyms. Is there really is a fine line that differentiates them into two separate actions?

Will the binary code be the answer?

want = 01110111011000010110111001110100

need = 01101110011001010110010101100100




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