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Whose Culture ?

Of course its alright for you to question the norms of society. You feel trapped inside the boundaries set by it, don’t you?

Yes there are the extremists who strive to “herd” you around. However, aren’t you at the other extreme, clouded by a wrath that seems to be eating you up? While they are trying to mould you into a conservative nationalistic “culture” you seem to have moulded into the exact replica of what is portrayed as the “culture of the west”.

We live in an era drowning in chaos and finding that inner peace or Zen may seem almost mythical to you. But I hope you realize that unless you choose to live in isolation, you can never avoid culture. So instead of trying to define what your culture should be like or what “moving forward” really means, why don’t you sit back, relax and¬†enjoy a cup of tea!




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